Project Consultancy for Phase II Power Plant Projects in Nigeria


The Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) started several power projects in 2004 to comprehensively address the state of electricity infrastructure in the country with open cycle pow er plants.

The Phase II Power Projects in Nigeria consisted on an extension of four Open Cycle Power Plants under construction to Combined Cycle plants. APTEC in association with STEAG encotec was appointed as Consultant.

After several technical studies done, and due to APTEC’s suggestions, the project changed course to increase power output and improve thermal efficiency. After several adjustments, the total additional Phase II power plant output is to raise total generation in Nigeria by 2,430MW.

APTEC - Service

APTEC was contracted as Consultant by PHCN for the extension to combined cycle of four plants built under Phase I.

The following are the services rendered:

  • Review of Contractor’s Technical and Financial proposals
  • Advise on adequacy of Contractor’s Technical proposal
  • Negotiate total Phase II budgetary price
  • Recommendation of Phase II Project Cost.
  • Represent Client as Owner’s Engineer
  • Preparation of Contract Documents
Key Data
ClientPHCN (Power Holding Company of Nigeria) / NDPHC (Niger Delta Power Holding Company
Execution Period2005 - 2007
Location4 power plants in the Niger Delta
May 2005Commencement of Consultancy
Project Data
1. Omotosho
  • EPC: CMEC (China Machinery & Equipment Corp.)
  • Phase I: 8 x GE PG6581B (42.1 MW)
  • Phase II: 4 x GE 9E (126.1 MW) + 2 x ST (125 MW)
  • Capacity Phase II: 754.4 MW
2. Papalanto
  • EPC: SEPCO Electric Power Construction Corporation
  • Phase I: 8 x GE PG6581B (42.1 MW)
  • Phase II: 4 x GE 9E (126.1 MW) + 2 x ST (125 MW)
  • Capacity Phase II: 754.4 MW
3. Alaoji
  • EPC: Rockson Engineering Ltd.
  • Phase I: 3 x GE 9EA (126 MW)
  • Phase II: 1 x GE 9EA (126 MW) + 2 x ST with supplementary duct firing (285 MW)
  • Capacity Phase II: 696 MW
4. Geregu
  • EPC: Siemens
  • Phase I: 3 x Siemens V94.2 (153 MW)
  • Phase II: 3 x Siemens V94.2 (153 MW)
  • Capacity Phase II: 459 MW