Gas Supply Study for Aba Independent Power Project


The Gas Supply Study is a component in an overall engineering work for the development of a power project to be located in the City of Aba in South Eastern Nigeria. The power plant which will be owned by Geometric Power Limited (a Nigerian power plant developer) subsidiary Geometric Power Aba Limited will be approximately 120 MW simple cycle gas turbine. Natural gas will be supplied from Shell Nigeria and the plant will be connected to the local grid in Aba. The company will sell its power directly to large customers and a local electricity distribution company.

One of the requirements of the lender was to undertake a gas market study with the ultimate objective of demonstrating the business rationale for the Aba project and identify competitive risks facing the project.

APTEC - Service

APTEC was contracted to undertake the study.The following were the services rendered:

  • Overview of gas reserves in Nigeria considering proven, probable and possible reserves
  • Location of reserves
  • Basis for allocation of gas to domestic and export markets
  • Projected supply and demand balances to 2020 for gas considering both domestic and export markets
  • Overview of gas transportation system and identification of any constraints in the ability to deliver gas to the Aba region
  • Participants and their role in the domestic gas market
  • Present basis for gas pricing in the domestic market and expected development of future pricing regime including price regulation
  • Current contracting practice in the domestic gas market
Key Data
ClientPB Power on behalf of Geometric Power Limited
Execution Period2006 - 2007
November 2006Completed Data Collection and Site Visits
December 2006Submitted Reliminary Report
February 2007Submitted Final Report
Project Data
LocationAba, Abia State
Gas Turbines120MW
FuelNatural Gas
Site Avg. Temperature26C
Site Avg. Humidity80%
Site Pressure1.0135 bar