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APTEC Training Services Centre of Excellence for Power & Energy

APTEC Engineerig Technical Services Ltd. is currently one of the leading providers of vocational training programmes within the utility, heavy industry and manufacturing sectors.

Our specialty lies in the provision of competence-based training schemes - schemes which are designed to help nurture a skilled and competent workforce that can help take your business forward.

Vocational training from APTEC does more than just equip people with practical knowledge - we also provide the 'hands-on' experience that gives clients the confidence to apply their new found knowledge when they return to the workplace.

As a Centre of Excellence, we have strong associations with several leading Nigerian and international entities.

Our Facilities

The variety and quality of training facilities available through APTEC are, quite simply, superb.

In addition to a fully equipped training suite, we also have access extensive workshops and real-time control room simulators which can be programmed to mimic a wide range of plant.

A Completely portable simulator is available supported by our revolutionary soft-desk system., this 'Power Plant in a Box' is the first fossil-fired training simulator. Assembled in just 30 minutes and extremely accurate, the 660MV simulator can replicate 1000's of scenarios, anywhere in the world.

Our Staff

Our training programmes are brought to life by the wealth of knowledge and practical experience our highly skilled tutors possess. A lifetimes experience within industry, as well as outstanding technical knowledge, enables our tutors to deliver a memorable and informative training course.

Our Courses

Unlike many training companies who adopt a 'one course fits all' philosophy, APTEC are delighted to offer both 'open' and 'bespoke' training programmes which can either be run at our training centres or in the comfort of your own facility.

Our international Reputation

APTEC provide electricity production staff with training that is second to none - training that results in a thorough and complete understanding of plant capabilities, with the confidence to deal with any situation swiftly and competently.

Our experience and expertise in power plant training speaks for itself. Our trainers have operated a wide variety of plant, both in Nigeria and overseas and as a result, APTEC has provided power plant operators on with the highly specialised training needed to maintain specific generation and distribution requirements.

Our Track Record

Through a combination of open and bespoke courses, our clients tell us that staff who have received vocational training by APTEC are more confident and safety conscious than ever. They also have greater knowledge of all aspects of power plant operation, can swiftly recognise risks and more importantly, take the appropriate action to minimise them. Plants can then demonstrate to insurers and bankers that they have a competent, reliable workforce.

Thanks to our excellent track record, we count many organisations as customers.

Bespoke Courses

There are many processes involved in the operation of a modern power system so at APTEC, our training courses can be as diverse as our client's plant requires. We have the proven ability to design and tailor courses around specific plant and topics, both in Nigeria and abroad.

Previous tailor-made courses include:

  • Power Plant Management
  • Obtaining optimum efficiency on power systems
  • Controlling the environmental impact of power plants
  • Chemical systems within power plants
  • Simulator operator training

Well trained production staff can have a positive impact on a Comany's bottom line.

APTEC offers, a variety of consultancy services to help organisations assess training needs and analyse areas of potential development.