Local Content in West Africa
Whereas APTEC can draw upon the experience of its group and partners, its policy is to make use of locally available resources, wherever possible.
In line with this policy APTEC/AETS endeavours to assign positions of responsibility to suitably qualified and experienced indigenous engineers.
Local engineers have contributed on the average about 70% of the engineering man-hours on recent projects.

Transfer of know-how and staff Training

Local content can well be assessed by the value of services rendered in West Africa.

APTEC’s Project Execution Strategies are developed to achieve the objective of maximizing the local content by performing the engineering services within the West Africa sub-region as much as possible. APTEC and its partners are in a position to carry out engineering, operation and maintenance and project management services throughout West Africa. Value of the services rendered depends on the complexity and nature of the required services. APTEC prides itself on its achievement of having performed 100% of the engineering services within the region.

To implement APTEC strategy of performing engineering services within West Africa AETS maintains fully equipped offices at Abuja. Highly experienced expatriate specialists in all disciplines are available to be deployed to this office and project sites, who then work hand in hand with the local engineers. This offers an excellent opportunity for the local engineers to “learn by doing”, which is the most effective way for the transfer of know-how. In addition to attachment of local engineers to the expatriate specialists in West Africa, local engineers are sent to APTEC’s affiliate and/or technical partners facilities for further training and familiarization with the working environment.